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Crystal Ball


Supercharge Your Soul

Reiki of Marin thrives on bringing you "spiritually delish" events to

supercharge your soul.


From meditation classes to cacao ceremonies, we offer events to enrich

everyone's mind+body+spirit.

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WinterLight SoundBath, w/ Nicola Buffa of Source Field Sound.

WinterLight SoundBath is a beautiful journey using crystal bowls, deep gongs, Reiki & tea ceremony which provides a sonic attunement to the frequencies of the winter season. 


Geometric lightcodes are carried in the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls. These sonic lightcodes are vital nutrients for the long winter nights, bringing us physical sustenance, and energetic realignment.


This Soundbath will not only lead you into a deeply peaceful meditation, but it will also boost your emotional, physical, and energetic bodies, fortifying you for the dark season.  


Each Sound Transmission is an arrangement of the healing tones, channeled to return optimum alignment to the body, designed to inspire healing thought patterns through brainwave entrainment, and meant to uplift the spirit on all levels. The experience is a meditative journey, which may yield clarity through connection to our inner wisdom, and a sense of deep peace, facilitated by sound.


Reiki Energy is used throughout to create a spiritually safe and supportive container, and provide additional upgrades to your energies.

Reiki of Marin, Sausalito

DATES: Sunday, Dec 17, 2023

TIMES: 5pm-6:30pm


LOCATION:Reiki of Marin in Sausalito


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Honoring Winter Solstice w/ Leslie Purchase, MD

Reiki of Marin, Sausalito

Join Leslie Purchase, MD for an evening of drinking ceremonial cacao & Reiki healing.

The holiday season can be so busy and noisy that we miss this sacred moment. Come carve out time to nourish yourself and prepare for the year's longest night. The winter solstice is a time to welcome the changing season and turn toward ourselves and the wonder that we are. Winter offers us an opportunity for introspection and silence to hear our inner wisdom if only we take the time to do so. Spend this night in circle with cacao to create a moment of pause and celebration all for yourself.

DATES: Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

TIMES: 6pm-7:30pm


LOCATION:Reiki of Marin in Sausalito



REIKI & RESTORATIVE w/Jennifer Brinn

Friday Dec 22, 2023

Metta Yoga in Corte Madera

Join Reiki healer Jennifer Brinn as she guides you into a deep rest for body, mind & spirit. You'll be soothed by an ambient soundtrack as you're guided in meditation, restorative yoga and offered the hands-on energy healing modality of Reiki to release stuck energies and lift you into a peaceful vibe. A perfect way to begin your weekend!

DATE: Friday Dec 22, 2023

TIME: 6pm-7:30pm


LOCATION:Metta Yoga, Corte Madera. 

Space is limited--book early!


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Cancer & Cacao Support Series w/ Leslie Purchase, MD 

Reiki of Marin, Sausalito

The Cancer & Cacao workshop series is a safe space to openly share your experiences and fears, exploring the the impacts of a cancer diagnosis, whether for you or a loved one. It is a container to genuinely express what is true for you surrounded by people who get it because they too are probably experiencing something similar.

You will learn tools and practices to support you going forward so that when you are feeling overwhelmed or burdened, you can work your own release valve. This is not a support group per se but an adult learning circle.

5 sessions beginning January 2024:

DATES: Sundays, Jan 7th, Feb 18th & March 3rd

& Wednesdays Jan 17th & Jan 31st,

TIMES:Sundays 10am-12pm / Wednesdays 6pm-8pm


LOCATION:Reiki of Marin in Sausalito


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